Bamra Train station in Chakradharpur zone, South Eastern Railway division

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All Train Station in Chakradharpur, South Eastern Railway

Find all information available for Bamra train station located at SH 24, Bamra, Dist. Sambalpur, Odisha, South Eastern Railway: Find address, localisation, train schedule and all usefull information

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Usefull information about Bamra in Chakradharpur, South Eastern Railway

Train schedule

Train schedule:
Train No. Train Name Arrival Time Departure Time From station To station
12833' HOWRAH EXPRESS 05:29:00' 05:31:00' AHMEDABAD JN HOWRAH JN
12834' HWH ADI EXPRESS 07:28:00' 07:29:00' HOWRAH JN AHMEDABAD JN
12871' ISPAT EXPRESS 14:56:00' 14:57:00' HOWRAH JN TITLAGARH
12872' ISPAT EXPRESS 10:17:00' 10:18:00' TITLAGARH HOWRAH JN
13287' SOUTH BIHAR EXP 14:32:00' 14:33:00' DURG RAJENDRANAGAR T
13288' SOUTH BIHAR EXP 12:38:00' 12:39:00' RAJENDRANAGAR T DURG
13351' DHN ALAPPUZHA E 19:59:00' 20:00:00' DHANBAD JN ALLEPPEY
13352' DHANBAD EXPRESS 04:08:00' 04:09:00' ALLEPPEY DHANBAD JN
18005' HWH KORAPUT EXP 06:49:00' 06:50:00' HOWRAH JN JAGDALPUR
18006' KORAPUT HWH EXP 20:33:00' 20:35:00' JAGDALPUR HOWRAH JN
18105' ROU BBS INT EXP 06:10:00' 06:11:00' ROURKELA BHUBANESWAR
18106' BBS ROU INT EXP 20:01:00' 20:02:00' BHUBANESWAR ROURKELA
18189' TATA ALLP EXP 20:19:00' 20:20:00' TATANAGAR JN ALLEPPEY
18417' RAJYA RANI EXP 22:24:00' 22:25:00' ROURKELA BHUBANESWAR
18418' RAJYA RANI EXP 07:05:00' 07:06:00' BHUBANESWAR ROURKELA
18451' TAPASWINI EXPRE 20:25:00' 20:26:00' HATIA PURI
18452' TAPASWINI EXPRE 06:51:00' 06:52:00' PURI HATIA
18477' UTKAL EXPRESS 10:26:00' 10:27:00' PURI HARIDWAR JN
18478' KALINGAUTKALEXP 15:46:00' 15:48:00' HARIDWAR JN PURI
58111' TATA ITR PASS 12:41:00' 12:42:00' TATANAGAR JN ITWARI
58112' ITR TATA PASSGN 15:38:00' 15:39:00' ITWARI TATANAGAR JN
58113' TATA BSP PASS 23:54:00' 23:55:00' TATANAGAR JN BILASPUR JN
58114' BSP TATA PASS 01:23:00' 01:24:00' BILASPUR JN TATANAGAR JN



SH 24, Bamra, Dist. Sambalpur, Odisha, Chakradharpur, South Eastern Railway
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All Train Station in Chakradharpur, South Eastern Railway

Informations about Bamra train station

No of platforms : 3
Halting Trains: 37
Nearest Airport: Ranchi Airport

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All Train Station in Chakradharpur, South Eastern Railway

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